Construction industry

January 19, 2015

A Practical Guide for Construction Companies: How to Choose the Correct Container for Bitumen?

Nowadays, the storage and discharge of bitumen can be difficult and expensive operations for your company.  The physical and chemical peculiarities of the material, difficult climatic service conditions, high energy consumption and a need for a long warm up times are some reasons for finding new ways of improving the process and equipment designs.

The high quality equipment offered by GlobeCore for carrying out different operations with bitumen, without damaging its...

September 24, 2014

Machine for bitumen emulsion production

What is a “bitumen emulsion”?

An emulsion a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible. In the case of a bitumen emulsion bitumen droplets are distributed in the water. The latter contains a surfactant – an emulsifier for stabilizing the emulsion.


Bitumen emulsion properties

The most important property of bitumen emulsion is the rate of decay on the surface of the mineral...