GlobeCore is one of the world’s leaders in industrial machinery manufacturing.

The equipment produced under GlobeCore trademark is used for production bitumen emulsions, regeneration and purification of transformer oil, fuel blending, biodiesel production and emulsification of virtually any liquids.

Our products are successfully operated in ~70 countries.

The dealer network is designed in such a way to make equipment sales equally comfortable for both the manufacturer and the client..

The production facility equipment is on par with the world industry standards: robotic plasma cutting, automated welding and modern PLC control machinery.

The engineering staff of the company systematically develops new equipment and upgrades existing products. GlobeCore manufacture hundreds of products annually, and each product is thoroughly tested at the company’s testing facility.

Hundreds of grateful letters and comments from our clients confirm that we are moving in the right direction. During the company’s long life we have established numerous contacts and created a vast network of return clients. And we are not stopping. GlobeCore is open for potential business and extends an invitation to all to visit our facility.


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