A New Bitumen Emulsion Complex Commissioned in the Capital of Ghana

For a month (8 June to 8 July this year), GlobeCore engineers visited Accra (Ghana).

The engineers assisted with assembly and commissioning of a full scale bitumen emulsion production complex there. An important part of the complex is GlobeCore equipment for the production of cationic or anionic bitumen emulsions. Note that our company also manufactures storage containers for bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen, bitumen filters and laboratory equipment for the development of binding material formulas. The bitumen emulsion produced complies with quality standards and is successfully used in road construction and repairs. Commissioning was combined with training of the customer’s personnel to operate the equipment.

A similar GlobeCore bitumen emulsion complex has been commissioned in Ghana previously. The facility has been running successfully for two years; the new facility further increases the bitumen emulsion production in this country.