Priority characteristics of a homogenizer

When choosing this or that technical device, it is necessary to take into account its every characteristic, so that there are no complications during operation. Let’s look at the main characteristics of a homogenizer, which should be considered in the first place.

Is it necessary to start with performance. It you are producing products in small volumes then a KLM homogenizer of GlobeCore 4 m3 / h should be enough for you. If you produce popular products for constant demand, you will need  a bigger capacity KLM homogenizer 22 m3 / h.

Another important parameter is the overall dimensions. They are important when you buy a homogenizer for an existing technological line. A new device should not exceed the set dimensions.

Dispersion is another important characteristic. It depends on the type of products. Food requires one, and bitumen emulsion – another.

Weight of a homogenizer allows a convenience of transportation and its mobility for repair or maintenance.

Equally important is the reliability, and a long service life, time between failures, as well as the length of complete service. Knowing these parameters, you can plan and optimize the workflows in your production.