Laboratory disperser

Dispersers are special devices designed for fine grinding and subsequent uniform distribution of particles throughout a given volume. Dispersers are well suited for working with multicomponent systems that can not be overheated. They find wide application in various industries: chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, oil refining, as well as in agriculture and construction.

But the dispersers are not limited to industrial use only. These devices are also in demand in chemical and biological laboratories. Laboratory disperser is used to obtain small samples, in glasses or test tubes. Such equipment develops fundamentally new recipes, makes changes to existing ones, and conducts various experiments determining the degree of grinding of certain substances and their behavior under certain conditions during dispersion.

GlobeCore offers a laboratory disperser colloid mill KLM. This colloid mill has a number of advantages: it obtains highly stable colloidal solutions, extremely thin suspensions, mixtures and emulsions. GlobeCore colloid mills are not only dispersers, but also homogenizers. In fact, by getting one unit, you get  the functions of two.

The laboratory disperser operates on the principle of “wet grinding”, due to width gap difference at the inlet and outlet of the mill. The higher degree of grinding is achieved due to such factors:

  • complex geometric micro reliefs of rotor surface (increases turbulence);
  • centrifugal forces;
  • high relative speed between rotor and stator;
  • grinding;
  • cavitation.

The productivity of the GlobeCore laboratory colloid mill is 1.8 m3/h, but, it is possible to produce a disperser on an individual order, specially for your laboratory.