Industrial analogue of Robot Coupe processor

Robot Coupe food processor is an appliance that creates homogeneous food mixtures. In fact, these processors are hand mixers for household kitchens. In a restaurant such homogenizer is irreplaceable. But if you need to produce a certain products in large quantities? Of course, you would use an industrial analogue of Robot Coupe.

Other devices that perform homogenization can be considered as substitutes. For our part, we offer your consideration a colloid mill KLM. First a colloid mill appeared at the beginning of the last century, and since then this device has found its applications in many industries: pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, road construction, food industry, etc.

Among the advantages of KLM colloid mill from GlobeCore are homogenization and dispersing the particles of the processed products. The degree of grinding is 1 μm.

KLM colloid mill achieves uniformity, fineness and homogeneity of the products due to centrifugal force and a high relative speed of the magnetic field between a rotating rotor and stationary stator. The mill uses so-called “wet grinding”. Particle reduction to the required degree is done through increased turbulence, which is created due to the complex geometric reliefs of rotor surface. Also a colloidal mill creates cavitation that enhances the impact on the processed raw materials.

For production in industrial quantities, the initial components at a set ratio of solid and liquid phases are fed into the colloid mill KLM to achieve the necessary productivity.

For the needs of the food industry, GlobeCore produces colloid mills with capacity 22 m3/h. However, it is possible to fulfill individual orders with adjustment of design and performance to solve specific problems.

The degree of grinding can vary depending on the physical and mechanical properties of the crushed material phase.

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