High pressure valve homogenizers with plunger pumps

High pressure homogenizers with plungers and adjustable valves realize the one-, two- and three-stage homogenization. The basis of such homogenizers is the valve system that creates a high pressure. The raw material passes through small openings in the valves, is exposed to high turbulence, that splits the product into particles. The particles dimensions are determined by the hydrodynamic conditions created in the valve zone.

Also, the valve homogenizers include multiple-plunger pumps (three-, five- or seven- plunger), a homogenizing head, an electric drive, a pressure detector, and other electrical equipment in a frame construction.

A homogenizing head provides an improved homogenization. The material is fed under high pressure into the channel, it moves at high speed through a narrow opening of the valve. The width of the valve seat does not exceed 0.1 mm, and the velocity of the substance is from 150 to 200 m/s.

In practice the working surface is flat, conical or disc shape with a small cone angle.

Valve homogenizer performance is adjusted by changing the pressure of homogenization.  Greater pressure means a more efficient process.