Questions to ask homogenizer manufacturers

So, you decided to buy a homogenizer, but do not know how to pick a manufacturing company and which model to chose?  The problem is common. There is a lot of models available in the market now, and the choice may be confused. Let’s try to figure out how to avoid possible errors.

The first to look for is productivity and operating conditions. The productivity is easy to chose, but working conditions affect the type of motor used in a homogenizer. An explosive environment is a very good reason to choose explosion proof equipment.

Also, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer. Asking questions and getting answers is free, so be sure to clarify all issues.

The first question to ask is the difference between the equipment offered by competitors, especially in terms of economic efficiency

The second one is to clarify what additional devices come with the homogenizer and who supplies the spare parts.

The third question is service support, both before and after purchase. Many people forget about it – and make a mistake. The startup of equipment does not always go smoothly, even if you operate it in strict compliance with instructions. You also need to consider all possible nuances that arise during the operation of the homogenizer.

The last important point is the warranty. Don’t buy without one! Ask if it is possible to replace the unit in case of malfunction that occurred during operation, as well as the cost of extended warranty.

обновлено: December 27, 2016 автором: dannik