GlobeCore Makes Equipment Presentations in Bulgaria

A number of presentations of GlobeCore products were made to representatives of the Bulgarian road construction industry from 18 to 24 October 2015.

The events were held in Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Blagoyevgrad and other important Bulgarian cities.  GlobeCore representatives provided the attendees information on both the company and on the products such as bitumen emulsion production unit UVB-1, polymer bitumen modification units UVB-2 and bitumen laboratory equipment.

The high interest of Bulgarian industry professionals in GlobeCore products is not accidental.  First of all, the demand for bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen in Bulgaria is growing constantly.  Second, a bitumen modification plant, made by GlobeCore, has been in operation in Varna since 2009.

The presentations were attended by technical specialists as well as managers of road construction companies.  After concluding the formal presentations, the participants had an opportunity to get full answers to the questions that had been raised during the presentation made by GlobeCore’s Design Engineer.

Here at GlobeCore, we would like to thank our Bulgarian colleagues for their interest and warm welcome. We are confident that these meetings will transform into fruitful cooperation in the future.

обновлено: October 24, 2016 автором: globecore