Colloid Mill for Chemical Industry: Paint Production

Paint is a binder or a paste, dispersed in a dispersed medium.  The production of paints and varnishes includes the following stages:

1. raw material purchasing;

2. raw material processing;

(a) pre-mixing;

(b) dispersion – blending of particles to the desired consistency of the product;

(c) letdown stage; and

3. Packing.

The most complex and energy consuming stage of paint production is the blending of components and pigment dispersion in film forming agents and their solvents.

GlobeCore has developed an advanced technology that provides for grinding and dispersion, realized in the KLM colloid mill.  This unit is designed for processing and homogenizing of suspensions, emulsions and paste-like materials.  The desired degree of fineness is provided by an adjustable gap between the mill rotor and the stator.

The production of paints and varnishes with the help of colloid mills allows you to:

  • get a high degree of product homogeneity; and
  • to ensure effective production.

The required degree of the pigment’s fineness is achieved not only by high angular velocity and small gaps, but also by the friction force.  The irregular surface of a rotor and a stator creates increased turbulence which breaks downthe particles of a product.

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