GlobeCore’s UBV-1 Bitumen-Emulsion Equipment is the Best Solution to Today’s Road Construction Problems

It is has always been difficult to provide a competely effective road surface pavement because of the wide range of factors such as:

(1) short road construction seasons;

(2) unpredictable and unfavourable weather conditions;

(3) shortage of financial resources;

The situation had remained unchanged for a long period of time, but recent developments with bitumen emulsion products has made it possible to extend the service life of road surface pavements.  This construction material has been used all over the word for the last few decades.  Our experience has shown that bitumen emulsions are much more effective than bitumen for performing road construction projects.  The performance characteristics of bitumen emulsion allow the builders to apply the so-called ‘cold methods’ of roadway construction.

GlоbeCоre has designed universal bitumen-emulsion equipment designated as the UBV-1 line that produces cationic bitomen emuslsion as well as anionic bitumen emulsion with specified performance characteristics.  The final product is characterized by low viscosity and high adhesion that allow the builders to use it at low temperatures.  Additionally, it can be stored for a long period of time.

The process of bitumen emulsion production includes several stages. At the first stage, the water solution is prepared. The blending tank is supplied with hot water, acid, and an emulsifier.  The ready-made solution gets into the colloid mill which blends it with liquid bitumen.  When the process is completed, the final product is placed into the storage tank.

GlоbeCоre equipment fully complies with all international standards and regulations and is designed to meet all customers’ needs involved in the road-building enterprises or at bitumen-concrete production plants.

обновлено: May 7, 2015 автором: globecore