UVB-1 Bitumen Emulsion Plant was Launched in Azerbaijan

Early February, members of GlobeCore had a business trip to Baku (Azerbaijan).  The purpose of the trip was commissioning and launching of the previously supplied UVB-1 plant (capacity of 2 m3/h), designed to produce bitumen emulsions.

The project was completed on time,  in full compliance with international quality standards – which allowed the workers of Azerbaijan to start  production of bitumen emulsions.

Today bitumen emulsions are generally used for:

  • Surface treatment.  The main advantage of using bitumen emulsion is its ability to work with wet gravel;
  • Fine sealcoating.  Selecting an emulsifier allows for quick coating.  Active traffic can be resumed in 1 or 2 hours after completion of works;
  • Preparation of cold mixes for recycling directly on the site;
  • Impregnation of soil consisting of gravel and sand;
  • Seal coat (waterproofing, providing non-skid surface, anti-glare surface, reducing deterioration and cracks);
  • Surface tack coat treatment (for best bond strength treatment of pavements);
  • Macadam pavement (gravel impregnated with bitumen).

GlobeCore produces all types of bitumen emulsions to meet the challenges of road construction, as well as modified emulsions for roofing and waterproofing works.

обновлено: February 28, 2015 автором: globecore