Technology That Will Conquer the World! Colloid Mill from GlobeCore

A colloid mill is one of the most important parts of the equipment used in the blending of bitumen emulsion products.  It grinds bitumen down to particles of between 1 and 3 microns while blending it with an emulsifier solution.

A unit for emulsion production consists of many separate units and sub-assembly parts that have their own peculiarities and provide for the overall operation of the colloid mill.  The quality of the colloid mill operation influences the characteristics of the final product output.  Bitumen emulsion, produced with the help of a special machine, is fitted with a high-production, modern colloid mill.  The mill must have good stability controls such as the ability to monitor the speed of its decay process and it should provide long service life to its owners.

A colloid mill is used for grinding the components of highly stable, ultrafine, colloidal solution suspensions, emulsions, orimulsions, pastes, bitumen modified by polymers and other ingredients.

The common principle of colloid mill operation is its use of two disks that interface with special claws.  One of them is fixed while the other one rotates.  The liquid, or semi-liquid materials are blended and become homogeneous and finely-divided by the action of centrifugal force between the two disks.

A colloid mill, used on modern bitumen emulsion equipment, consists of a steel split body with a closable plate and an inlet suction pipe.  A rotor component leans against a thrust ball bearing.  The outlet end of a drive shaft becomes thick with the help of a stuffing-box.  The colloid mill also includes a pipe that accepts the primary components.  There is a  pipe that allows the emulsion to go out.  There is also a connecting branch for an inlet and outlet that allows for a heat-transfer agent to warm up the operating head.

There are also heated colloid mills that use a heating element powered by mineral and synthetic oils to make high viscosity emulsions.

GlobeCore produces equipment for manufacturing bitumen emulsion products and modified bitumen products that are based on the performance capabilities of a modern colloid mill.  GlobeCore takes a leading position in the “high tech” equipment  markets of more than 70 countries.  The GlobeCore brand of equipment uses a high tech colloid mill in its bitmen  procesing units.

GlobeCore has been meeting the market demands over the last few years created by the world wide highway building boom and the increasing needs to coat modern building sites with emulsion products.

The GlobeCore brand of colloid mills produce high quality grinding resulting from better technolgy and the use of high quality construction materials and techniques developed by GlobeCore.

The market leading positions of GlobeCore have been achieved by years of experience and by the use of only the very highest quality materials and new production technologies used during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the current GlobeCore brand of colloid mills have been updated and are the newest and improved versions of previouly sucessful equipment.  They can produce unique formulations of bitumen emulsions blends and can modify bitumen products.

The products produced by the GlobeCore line of equipment become homogeneous after they pass through the colloid mill for the first time.  That is why we can say that the advantages of using GlobeCore branded equipment includes continuous production; reduction of electricity usage, reduced heat and reduced production time.  These benfits save you money and increase the value of the finished product.

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