Road top with anionic emulsions

Each year more construction materials are used for construction of roads, mostly asphalt concrete based on bitumen binder.

Traditional production process for road top with hot materials has been used in road construction since the middle of the previous century; it takes a lot of energy and is not very environmentally friendly. Therefore the use of anionic bitumen emulsions is considered by the specialists as very promising. It allows to transfer from hot to cold technology of road construction and increase quality and durability of roads.

GlobeCore manufactures the UVB-1 type bitumen emulsion production units. To make the process less expensive, byproducts of the chemical industry can be used as surfactant emulsifiers.

Analysis of the existing technologies of anionic bitumen emulsion production shows that the best method is combined emulsification, which allows production of a finely dispersed product.

The traditional bitumen emulsification method uses prepared soap. In the combined method, half of the fatty acids are mixed in bitumen, and the other half is saponified in water solution. Then both phases are mixed in KLM type disperser for final emulsification of bitumen.

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