Bitumen emulsions in road construction

The rapid technological and scientific development changes the traditional compositions of bitumen emulsion. In combination with progressive technology, these allow to produce a wide spectrum of emulsified materials with improved performance in comparison with traditional asphalt technology.

Research of the trends in bitumen material development shows some of the most promising directions, such as:

– production of multiple emulsions with structure similar to inverse emulsions. The production is possible by preparing reverse emulsions or highly concentrated bitumen emulsions.

Amounf the many advantages of bitumen emulsion is the higher viscosity and mobility compared to regular emulsions. The disadvantage is the lack of flow during application.

Such emulsions are also quite economical even with low dispersed phase content.

Most innovations into multicomponent emulsions are related to selection of the corresponding components: polymer surfactants for better stability and surface contact etc. A method for formulating the composition of multicomponent emulsions with consideration of material for application and stability in extreme operating conditions has also been developed. The result is a material that adapts to the existing road top.

– production of monodispersed emulsions. In the general case, the composition of road construction emulsions is polydispersed, but that does not mean that such emulsions are of no interest. Application of such emulsions makes a material with better optical properties, as well as colored materials with minimum amounts of dye.

Dispersion consist of water bitumen emulsion defines its viscosity and settling rate. The latter is defined by size distribution emulsion droplets. In theory, production of an emulsion with the required drop size would allow control of the above parameters.

– production of “dry” emulsion. This product can be made from regular emulsion by mixing a special polymer into the water phase. This polymer causes formation of capsules with water droplets. The advantage of “dry” emulsions is the ability to mix several components, which do not usually mix. The ability allows to combine several various construction materials in the emulsion.

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