Bitumen Emulsions – What’s new? The GlobeCore BGU-6 Bitumen Emulsion Unit in the Making!

The market for road building materials is growing rapidly.  Economists say; “in globalization lies the stimulant of development.”  What worked for my neighbor should also work for me.  And if the neighbor is a rich and developed country, its technology may be better and more profitable.  So how can I do the same, or even better?

Most buyers can easily access the global market for goods and services.  This includes industrial buyers as well as domestic consumers.

The Company; “IndustrialServis” studies the market for industrial equipment and has successfully worked in it for many years.  Partnerships with client companies in different fields of activity in over 70 countries significantly affect the ongoing process of its product selection.

Equipment for the road construction industry, that makes bitumen emulsions, is also constantly undergoing developments and improvements.  The GlobeCore UVB Bitumen Emulsion Model has been designed to produce both anionic and cationic bituminous emulsions.

The new UVB-6P model, that produces bitumen emulsion in a stream, is a newly modified unit.  It performs the same functions as its predecessor and is used for the production of asphalt with certain special industrial properties.  The GlobeCore UVB-6P bitumen emulsion unit can be used both indoors and outdoors under a covering.  The ambient operating temperature range is between +5°C and +40°C/41°F and 104°F.

UVB-6P works on the same principle as the previous model where water is supplied through pipe that lead to the tank with heated bitumen.   The dosing pumps supply a specified amount of acid, emulsifiers and other special additives.  All the ingredients are then mixed by the base pump and then fed into the container for mixing with water and bitumen.

The UVB-6P was developed in response to increasing demand and interest in this kind of of modern road building equipment.  In contrast to the cyclical patterns of operation, with the UVB-6P, there is a continuous supply ingredients for mixing after pushing the start button. the commences the UVB-6P’s semi-automatic process.

The basic elements of the UVB-6P are mounted on a frame.  These elements include the bitumen pump, the water pump, various mixers, tanks, pipe network, and control valves.

In addition, the “Wetlands” version of the UVB -6P is equipped with a heating system, monitor, temperature sensor, and a pressure sensor.  The control panel is located in a cabinet that consists of a sealed metal case.  The control panel allows the operator to completely monitor and control  all the processes of the unit.

The GlobeCore UVB-6P is a new class of equipment that was born out of an increased demand for non-standard products and technologies that save time, labor costs and money.  Bitumen emulsions made with the GlobeCore UVB system reduce processing time and operating costs.

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