GlobeCore Model VBU-6P

One of the essential pieces of equipment that is being used more and more in modern industrial and developing nations is the “Bitumen Emulsion” production plant.

The use of bitumen emulsion has several advantages over simple bitumen or tar products in most or all applications.  Most important is that bitumen emulsion does not require constant heating thereby increasing the efficiency of industrial operations and lowering operating costs.

Bitumen emulsion has a more complex structure than tar and simple bitumen, and due to its lower costs, it has become more and more popular in the road construction industry.  Bitumen emulsion production equipment is now indispensable to the road construction and related industries.

The bitumen emulsion equipment by produced GlobeCore is the most up to date and efficient bitumen emulsion equipment in the industry today.  GlobeCore engineers remain leaders in their field and are always seeking to improve and upgrade the quality and efficiency of the GlobeCore equipment line.  That is why new GlobeCore equipment will never be outdated versions of yesterday’s models.

The GlobeCore universal bitumen model makes both anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions. Often, this kind of equipment is used by companies that produce asphalt mixes.  Bitumen emulsion of this type is most often used for the priming of old pavement before applying a new layer of asphalt.  It is also used in the preparation of cold asphalt mixes, for the surface treatment of existing road surfaces, for making thin protective coatings, and for patching roads.

One of the latest bituminous equipment developments by GlobeCore is the VBU-6P model designed for the production of bitumen emulsions.  The name of the new model reveals the main differences from the previous models with a production rate of 6.5m3/hr and the ability to work continuously without interruption.

The Globecore VBU6-P consists of two main parts, the  bitumen part and the base part.  The Bitumen part stands vertical and has a pump made ​​in Italy.  The base portion is where the emulsifier, acid and bio chlorine additive are mixed and then fed into the polypropylene container. Each component of the mixture pass through dosing pumps.  The pumps automatically measure the required amount of each component of the mixture.

The  VBU-6P system works by feeding bitumen from a reservoir into the bitumen part through a feed pipe and passes the bitumen through to a set of heating rings.   Water is supplied to the mixing cylinders and the dosing pumps then pump the emulsifier acid according to the product recipe.

The container, in which the mixing occurs, is equipped with volume level sensors.  When the amount of mixed fluid reaches the high-level indicators, the sensor signals the completion of the preparatory phase.  Next, the water valve opens and the unit starts to run the aqueous phase of the process.  The VBU-6P will continue to run unless the water supply is cut off, or until the operator turns it off

The VBU-6P is  fully automated.  The only manual control is for  the adjustment of the ratio of bitumen to water (a mix of 70% bitumen and 30% water will be made at the rate of 6m3 while a mix of 50% to 50% will be made at a rate of 9m3).

It is also possible to manually adjust the amount of emulsifier that needs to be fed into the process. For fast decaying emulsions, emulsifiers of 0.25% are used.  For slow decaying emulsions – 2% are used.  Acid is added automatically through the acid probe found on the dosing pump.  It is responsible for regulating the engine speed and the feed rate and volume of the acid.

The GlobeCore VBU-6P bitumen emulsion processing unit is a high quality product that leads the industry.  It is both durable and highly resistant to delamination and corrosion.  The VBU-6P’s automated process of mixing the various components combined with a versatile design make the GlobeCore VBU-6P unit the most advanced bitumen emulsion processing unit in the industry today.

обновлено: December 15, 2014 автором: globecore