Machine for bitumen emulsion production

What is a “bitumen emulsion”?

An emulsion a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible. In the case of a bitumen emulsion bitumen droplets are distributed in the water. The latter contains a surfactant – an emulsifier for stabilizing the emulsion.


Bitumen emulsion properties

The most important property of bitumen emulsion is the rate of decay on the surface of the mineral material. This serves as an indicator for its use in a particular industry.

During a reaction between cationic bitumen emulsion and a filler decay begins almost immediately. The water is rapidly displaced from the surface of the mineral material and is then evaporated. Upon contact between bitumen emulsion and stone emulsifier decreases in volume, which decrease the stability of the emulsion and produces bitumen.

Uniform distribution over treated surfaces is possible due to the relatively low viscosity of bitumen emulsions, which saves huge volumes or bitumen.


Benefits of bitumen emulsion

Application of bitumen emulsion in construction instead of the traditional “hot” technology allows you to:

  • reduce energy consumption by almost half by eliminating the need for heating before use;
  • conserve bitumen by 20-30%;
  • ensure full adhesion to the base of the road;
  • combine emulsion with wet solids;
  • carry out work from early spring to late autumn;
  • achieve flexibility in conduct of operations.

In addition, the bitumen emulsion is fireproof and environmentally friendly. Its use eliminates the possibility of burns and improves the safety of the workplace.


Bitumen emulsion production

For production of bitumen emulsion GlobeCore company recommends to use the model type UVB-1.

This machine produces bitumen emulsions by passing a mixture of hot bitumen and water through a special dispersing device – a colloid mill (between the rotating rotor and a stationary stator).

The aqueous solution is prepared in a special container where heated water, emulsifier, acid/alkali, add other additives are mixed. The resulting solution is then thoroughly mixed.

At the customer’s request, the machine can be custom made:

  • RAMS;
  • sea container with space for an operator (mobile and stationary models);
  • container coated in leather panels (mobile and fixed version).

Model type UVB-1 can be manufactures with different production rates, allowing you to choose the right model for a small repair shop or a full asphalt plant.

What emulsions may be prepared using model UVB-1?

Model UVB- 1 is intended for all types of bitumen emulsions:

  • road works with emulsifier, viscous oil, and shale bitumen;
  • waterproofing with high viscosity oil emulsifier for waterproofing work , including Roofing and hydraulic;
  • treatment with high viscosity emulsifier and natural and synthetic rubber ( latex ) for water-emulsion paints;
  • Special purpose (greasing of precast concrete parts in the manufacturing process, metal tool cooling in the machining and fabrication process, etc.).
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