What is a dispersion system?

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A dispersion system is a material made up to two or more substances, which practically do not mix and do not react chemically. A dispersion system is made by homogenization and dispersion of raw material into a homogeneous highly stable media, in which one substance is atomized in the other. The process of dispersion is, in essence, super-fine atomization of solid or liquid material, while homogenization facilitates creation of homogeneous stable material by eliminating micro-irregularities.


A dispersion system has two components dispersed (discontinuous) phase and dispersion (continuous) medium. The dispersed phase is the ray material which is spread across the second material (dispersion medium) in atomized form. Dispersion systems include powders, suspensions, emulsions and colloid solutions.

A dispersion system is created by atomizing and mixing of raw materials in a special devices called disperser. Such equipment is frequently used in food industry, production of paint, construction, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

There are several types of dispersers based on their application. For instance, the principle of operation divides dispersers into types such as  caviation, rotor-stator and high pressure dispersers. Dispersers can also be divided into flow dispersers and submerged dispersers.

However, the most efficient design for atomization and formation of a dispersion system is the colloid mill, which can both disperse and homogenize the raw material. This device is designed for preparation of colloid solutions: a highly dispersed system with a liquid dispersion medium. Such equipment enjoys several advantages: high processing and homogenization capacity, availability of a heating jacket, the ability to prepare highly stable emulsions and super-fine colloid suspensions,  employment of cavitation and grinding effect.

Colloid mills are some of the most needed tools for the production of such dispersed system as bitumen emulsion. Bitumen emulsions are widely used in road construction industry as well as water-proofing of various building structures.