Latex modified bitumen emulsion

GlobeCore manufactures UVB high quality systems for production of modified bitumen emulsions.

Bitumen emulsion plant

To improve mechanical and physical properties of the emulsions, they are modified with various polymers. Such practice is becoming more and more demanded in the road construction industry, since regular bitumen emulsions do not always comply with the ever increasing modern requirements. The process of modification is in essence combining of bitumen emulsion with synthetic polymer additives.

One of the most widely used and efficient modifications are latex polymers. Latex is a natural or synthetic dispersion of rubber particles in water. In a water bitumen emulsion, latex improves the strength and elasticity of the material. As a rule, latex polymers are combined with water phase and are emulsified with bitumen directly during preparation of the bitumen-latex emulsion. Latex can also be used to modify bitumen directly, or can be injected into a prepared bitumen emulsion as an independently mixed emulsion.

Latex polymers can be cationic, anionic or nonionic types, which depends on the charge of the particles. Compatibility of latex and emulsion can be taken into consideration, as water dispersion of the polymer must comply with emulsifier parameters.

The advantage of using bitumen-latex emulsions is the improvement of several parameters: road durability is increased, temperature range is expanded, layer formation time decreases, high elasticity and strain resistance is ensured. For better adhesion of layers, experts recommend injection of special adhesion additives into the latex-bitumen emulsions.

Apart from road construction industry, bitumen latex emulsions are widely used as waterproofing materials, protecting structures from water and its destructive effects. The so called “liquid rubber” is a unique waterproofing material based on bitumen-latex emulsion with no solvents. Liquid rubber ensures high parameters in essential areas: stability and durability, ease of transportation, elasticity, high efficiency and safety.