EBA bitumen emulsion

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One of the main components of the bitumen emulsion apart from bitumen and water is the emulsifier, which directly influences the quality and parameters of the product. While preparing the water bitumen emulsion, the emulsifier is a surfactant, which can be one of several types, depending on the charge of its particles. Anionic and cationic surfactants are used for production of bitumen emulsion. Anionic surfactants are negatively charged, while cationic emulsifiers are positively charged.

The type of emulsifier defines one of the two types of the emulsion used in road construction: anionic bitumen emulsion (EBA) and cationic bitumen emulsion (EBC). Despite the fact that cationic systems have several significant advantages, anionic emulsions are also often used in modern road construction.

Based on the amount of emulsifier used, anionic water bitumen emulsions may be divided into three types: EBA-1, EBA-2 and EBA-3. The amount of the surfactant influences the emulsion breakdown time in contact with the filler, that is, the time when bitumen precipitating from the emulsion reaches its initial state. Water bitumen emulsions can also be modified with polymers. Such emulsions are also divided into three groups: EBPA-1, EBPA-2 and EBPA-3.

EBA emulsion breakdown rate:

EBA-1, EBPA-1 — fast breakdown emulsions;

EBA-2, EBPA-2 — mid breakdown emulsions;

EBA-3, EBPA-3 — slow breakdown emulsions.

The emulsion breaks down in contact with the mineral material due to water evaporation, as well as absorption of water and emulsifier by the filler. However, the rate of breakdown of an anionic water-bitumen emulsion depends not only on the amount of the surfactant emulsifier, but also on bitumen specifications, emulsification method, weather conditions and the properties of the filler. It is possible to adjust the rate of breakdown by using various additives. E.g. magnesium and calcium salts accelerate breakdown of bitumen droplets.

Depending on the task, a certain type of EBA is suggested. It should be noted that using a different type may lead to damage or poor quality of work..