Advantages of GlobeCore Bitumen Emulsion Plants (Equipment)

bitumen manufacturing plant

  • 2 types of mixing – colloid or magnetic mill + hydrodynamic mixer.


  • The tank for blending is built-in the unit at no additional cost.
  • High accuracy dosing of chemicals with hydrodynamic mixer +  flow meters  — you can blend 1 ml of acid to 1 ton of bitumen — which together will ensure highest production efficiency with strict quality control.

  • Bitumen Emulsion Plants has built-in colloidal mill with capacity of 2-12 metric tons per hr.
  • High acid-resistant plastic piping for blending instead of easily corroded metal.
  • Scalability: GlobeCore manufactures different productivity from laboratory scale
Emulsion Plants UVB-L

Emulsion Plants

to 8 m3 per hour or  20 m3 per hour or 32 m3 per  hour

  • Both anionic and cationic emulsion preparation.
  • Bitumen Emulsion plants is designed to produce all known bitumen emulsion types in accordance with IS 8887-2004 and ASTM specifications suitable for applications varying from the simplest tack coat to complex latex modified bitumen emulsions.
  • The plant is equipped with energy-saving electric-to-oil heaters for bitumen, that heat the bitumen, but prevents it from burning and damage.  It is used for colloid mill + pipe heating and can also be used for the storage tank.


  • Single Source responsibility for complete plant design right from Civil-Mechanical-Electrical to Chemical process.
  • Client’s scope of work limited to bare minimum.
  • Know how and training based on years of manufacturing experience.
  • Modern Laboratory set up to meet basic international specifications (Optional).
  • Plant design complies with local standards and safety features.
  • Reduced manpower requirement — the plant is fully automatic and inline.
  • Bitumen Emulsions Plant has a fully computerised PLC based automatic Process Control System
  • Specially designed Bitumen pumps are fitted with a Frequency Inverter for precise speed control.
  • Savings in power, user friendly and environmentally friendly plant — no leaks when using the inline version.
  • Corrosive resistant pumps and valves with all Stainless Steel contact parts resistant to acids and highly effective seals.
  • Carefully designed for maintenance free and continuous operations.
  • Any recipe or process changes are possible since we manufacture the equipment from raw materials to the finished product.
  • Bitumen Emulsion Tanks of different sizes and climate versions can be manufactured upon request.