A winter with еuropean roads

It’s the white season again, and the snow is again masking the holes in the asphalt!  This is commonplace on roads, in fact, almost anywhere in the former USSR, and it is rather expected to see a broken road which is nothing short of destructive for the wheels, when the snow melts away.


The main problem of our roads is the quality of the bitumen emulsion which is used by the road construction and repair companies. Road bitumen emulsions may have different recipes, but the base components is the same: water, bitumen and chemicals. Asphalt emulsions, unlike using hot bitumen binding, ensure significant savings of bitumen (up to 30%), gravel (up to 40%) and energy (1.5 time reduction of energy consumption). The use of emulsions facilitates high traction between the existing top and the new top, increased durability of the surface, possibility of work from early spring till late fall (ambient temperature above  5ºС) and possibility to apply the cover to a wet surface. Emulsions are environmentally friendly and simple in transportation and handling.

Asphalt-concrete, prepared with modified bitumens, are highly resistant to deformation due to the higher elasticity of the bitumens used. Besides, aging of the asphalt-concrete is significantly slowed. Research shows that bitumens extracted from 10 year old road top do not show much change in viscosity.

GlobeCore is proud to offer road bitumen emulsion preparation systems, which have more than proven themselves not only in the German market, but also around the globe.

The EU has been using asphalt emulsions for quite some time already, however, legislation prohibits the use of emulsions based on organic solvents and the release of such solvents into the air. The 65 year experience of using bitumen emulsions in Europe illustrates the advantages of using this technology, which is not only economically profitable, but also environmentally friendly.