Сavitation dispersant

GlobeCore manufactures state-of-the-art sytems for production og stable solloid solutions, blends and dispersed systems.


                                            CLM – 4 Colloid mill                                                

CLM – 22 Colloid mill    

The most efficient mechanism of fragmentation and creation of dispersion systems is the colloid mill, which can both disperse and homogenize the material. The dispersion process is a superfine wet grinding of solid or liquid materials, while homogenization facilitates creation of a stable uniform material by eliminating microinhomogenities In essence, a disperser is a “wet” nanogrinding mill, combined with a pump and a homogenizer mixer. Dispersers are widely used in food production, paint industry and construction, as well as farmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Dispersion, by definition, creates a dispersed system (poweders, suspensions and emulsions), a colloid solution of two or more mutually insoluble and chemically neutral substances.

There are several ways of dispersion, cavitation being one of them. This process runs in cavitation dispersers due to hydraulic shocks and ultrasonic impulses. Cavitation occurs when pressure drops below a certain critical level and may be achieved by one of the two ways: hydrodynamic or ultrasonic (acoustic). Ultrasonic dispersers are designed for preparation of colloid solutions by multiple repeated cavitation treatment of the material in a highly intensive ultrasonic field created in the resonance chamber. The hydrodynamic cavitation occurs due to increased speed of the charged stream of liquid drops. The DG-40 hydraulic disperser offers high quality of emulsions for drill fluids and grouting mortar, process liquids etc, and also lowers production costs.

Disperser pumps are widely used in hydraulic systems, oil product processors, lubricant and coolant supply systems etc. The pump allows to simultaneously disperse, pump and mix the materials. This invention improves stability and shelf life of various liquid