Homogenization system for production of fruit mash, jam and pastry cream

The GlobeCore colloid mill facilitates high speed processing of the most feedstock in the minimum time. The dispersion of the product, prepared with the mill, is much higher than of the product prepared with regular mixers. The mill fully complies with the standards and regulations of the food industry. It is used for emulsification, wet grinding and dispersion. In the process of production of mashed fruit or jam, the mill is essential for grinding and/or homogenization of the feedstock before sterilization. Pre-processed fruit and berries enter the mill, where they are mixed with syrup and other additives to a homogeneous blend.


The average time between placing the order and shipping the device to client is 45 business days. If we have the device in stock in our warehouse, it will be shipped in the most expedient manner.

The production facility of GlobeCore is located in Germany, in Oldenburg-Eversten, Edewechter Landstraße 173. Our staff are ready to assist regarding any questions related to the mill.

When will the mill start production? In the first minutes after fitting it into the production line. Retrofit of the mill into an existing line does not take much time.

You may find this offer interested if you are a large manufacturing concern (a holding or a factory), or a private entrepreneur with seasonal processing of fruit and berries. The only difference between the former and the latter is the capacity and size of the mill.

CLM-4.1-colloid mill GlobeCore

CLM – 4 Inline homogeniser, colloid mixer

CLM – 22 dispersing colloid mill  

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can whole fruit be fed into the mill?
    No. Large fruit, such as apples or pears must be stripped of fruitstalk and seeds. Whereas berries (wineberry, strawberry or raspberry) can be fed directly. Cherry, plums or apricot need seeds removed first.
  • Should the feedstock be pre-mixed with syrup or can the mill do that?
    Mixing fruit with syrup and turning them into a homogeneous mass is the direct function of the mill. Fruit and berries are loaded into the feedstock hopper, and the syrup may also be fed into the hopper in a separate stream. If neede, the syrup may be pre-heated.

Do you need the mill?

  • Do you need to produce a large amount of perishable feedstock in the shortest possible time? 
  • Should the resulting product be an emulsion?
  • You want quality better than the Chinese, at a price lower than the European?

If the answers to the above are yes, then there is room for further discussion.

Here is the suggested plan for our cooperation.

  1. YOU fill out the questionnaire and send it to our manager, in turn, we study your inquery and suggest a mill for the required capacity and function and advise on what is the best way to employ the mill at your facility.
  2. After considering all technical aspects, a purchase order is placed and WE begin completing it. It includes manufacturing, testing of the device and shipment to the client.
  3. For installation and commissioning, GlobeCore staff can visit the facility where the mill is to be commissioned.

The main advantages of the wet grinding GlobeCore homogenizers are:

  • Modern design and high quality of the device
  • Competitive price
  • Competent engineering consulting
  • Fast production of the order
  • The efficiency and speed of mixing at times more than a turbine agitator
  • Savings on storage capacity compared with a turbine agitator – colloid mill built into a production line and does not require additional tanks
  • Stability of the mix to stratification
  • Heating/cooling jacket
  • High-tech production lines and qualified staff (over 200) allows to expedite orders           
  • Ability to adjust the gap of the grinding zone without the need to remove the device from the production line
  • Grinding to 1 micron
  • Component parts from universally recognized manufacturers
  • Operating temperature range from -30 С° to 180 С°
  • Optional soundproofing

The CLM colloid mills are specifically designed for production of highly stable colloidal solutions, superfine suspensions, mixes and emulsions. The grinding is “wet”, that is, the required result is obtained due to the gap between the teeth of the rotor and stator.

The centrifugal force and high velocity of the rotor relative to the stator cause the liquid and semi-liquid materials to become homogenic and disperse finely. The mix of any materials becomes a finely dispersed homogeneous emulsion.

Besides, the device features cavitation effect: caverns explode under internal pressure.

The degree of dispersion and pumping qualities may vary according to mechanical properties of the ground material and carrier phase.

Parameter CLM – 4.1
 1 ***Capacity rated (on the water), m3/hour, up to. 4
 2 Operating pressure, bar. 0,5
 3 Rotation speed, RPM. 3000
 4 **Max heat carrier temperature, °С. 160
 5 **Minimum coolant temperature, °С. -4
 6 Dispersion, microns. <50
 7 Nominal pressure/suction bore diameter, mm. 32/65
 8 Drive power, kW. 5,5
 9 *Dimensions, mm:- length

– width

– height




 10 Weight, kg. 125

* – Dimensions are driven assembly.
** – If necessary, the product can be either heated or cooled to a desired temperature.
*** – Depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the product capacity may vary.

Feedback of GlobeCore’s customers


Mr. Shekanabo, the United Republic of Tanzania:

“I can only say good things about GlobeCore mills. After seeing the production facility, I had no doubts that this is a serious and reliable company with professional staff, and the system works like a clock. Of course, the production itself seems complicated, but the equipment is powerful and rugged.”


Your product manager at GlobeCore:


Sergey Mezhievskiy
A responsible and dedicated person. He will accompany you through all stages from placing the order to shipment of the product. Experience in industrial sales and in finding solutions for real issues in the field allows him to fully understand you, select the appropriate equipment model and ensure timely delivery.

Skype: mezhievskiy

Our location:

The production facility is located in Oldenburg-Eversten, Germany, Edewechter Landstraße 173.

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