Homogenic solution preparation

A solution is a homogeneous (uniform) mix, which consists of the particles of the dissolved substance, the solvent and the products of their interactions. The word homogeneous means that each component is distributed within the mass of the other component in the form of particles, such as atoms, molecules or ions. Solutions are more complex compared to individual substances. (Cited from Wikipedia)

Depending on the aggregate state of the solvent, three types of solutions exist: gaseous, liquid or solid.

Air and other mixtures of gases are examples of gaseous solutions.

Many alloys are solid solutions.

Liquid solutions are homogeneous mixtures of gases, liquids or solids with liquids.

The most significant are the liquid mixtures, where the solvent is liquid. The most widespread solvent for organic substances is, of course, water. Recipes and processes may vary, but the solution must remain liquid.


The scope of application of these solutions is enormous: road construction, chemical industry, food production, pharmaceuticals, construction industry, perfumes and cosmetics etc.

To produce a homogeneous solution, special equipment is often required: furnaces, mills, various machinery and in some cases, even whole factories. GlobeCore manufactures the CLM colloid mills, which are specifically designed for production of highly stable solutions, superfine suspensions, mixes and emulsions.

Let us look in more detail into one of the types of homogeneous blends, that is, liquid solutions.

Road construction industry:

  • Modification of bitumens with polymers. Addition of polymers changes bitumen from a viscous liquid to elastomer. The polymer-bitumen binding ensures flexibility, elasticity and hardness in a wide range of temperatures (from -30°C to 80°C), which helps prevent rutting and cracks, increases shear strength (which in turn allows to reduce the thickness of road cover) etc.
  • Production of bitumen emulsions. All components (water, bitumen, emulsifiers and acid) are injected into the colloid mill at high pressure. The colloid mill ensures high quality of grinding and even composition of the emulsion.
  • Liquid rubber. This hydrobonder based on bitumen is used for roofing, foundation coating, as well as water barrier for pools and basements. It is a bi-component system based on bitumen emulsions with the addition of polymers/latexes and stabilizers.

Chemical industry:

  • Production of liquid detergents. This is a highly complex in terms of composition and effect multicomponent mixtures. The detergents are based on synthetic substances and their blends, which increase foaming and emulsifying capacity of the product. The resulting solution is not uniform. To make is such, the solution is processed through the colloid mill.


  • Fill-in floor. The main component of fill-in floor is a polymer binding, which consists of base substance and hardener. The mix for filling is made by mixing the dry component with water in a certain proportion according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Food production:

  • Yoghurts, milk desserts. One of the simplest solutions: milk, ferment and filler. Correct homogenization of dairy products prevents free fat formation, therefore increasing product shelf life.
  • Semiprocessed cooked sausage. Amazingly, even meat can be a part of a solution (emulsion). Cut meat is ground with ice, which adds fluency to the meat emulsion.


  • Preparation of emulsions and ointments. Cosmetic and medicinal ointments have a large portion of fat, which must be liquified first. The stability of the product is very important for production of stable homogenized mix, while the particles dispersed in it must be as fine as possible.

Perfume and cosmetic industry:

  • Shampoo, gels, creams. Not all components can be easily solved in one another. Mixing of mutually insoluble components, i.e. emulsification, is possible with the colloid mill.

These examples above are only a few of possible applications. Each of mentioned products can be made with the use of colloid mill.

CLM-4.1-colloid mill GlobeCore

CLM – 4 Homogeniser colloid mixer

CLM – 22 dispersing colloid mill 

 Colloid mill CLM is specifically designed for production of highly stable colloid solutions, superfine suspensions, blends and emulsions. This is a wet grinding mill. The complex geometry of the rotor surface creates intensive turbulence, which shears material particles.


The centrifugal force and high relative velocity between the rotor and the stator of the colloid mill cause liquid and semi liquid materials to become homogeneous and finely dispersed.

The mill allows to disperse and homogenize the product at the same time.

The colloid mill can be retrofitted into existing production lines.

The degree of dispersion and pumping performance may vary depending on the properties of the processed material and carrier phase.

No PARAMETER CLM – 22.2 CLM – 18.1 CLM – 4.1 CLM – 05.3
1 ***Capacity rated, m³/hour, up to. 22 18 4 1,8
2 Operating pressure, bar. 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5
3 Rotation speed, RPM 3 000 3 000 3 000 3 000
4 **Max heat carrier temperature, °C 160 160 160 160
5 **Minimum coolant  temperature, °C -4 -4 -4 -4
6 Dispersion, micron <50 <50 <50 <50
7 Nominal pressure/suction bore diameter, mm 80/120 80/80 32/65 32/32
8 Drive power, kW 55 11 5,5 3
9 *Dimensions, mm- length

– width

– height













10 Weight, kg 490 135 125 125

* – Dimensions are driven assembly.
** – If necessary, the product can be either heated or cooled to a desired temperature.
*** – Depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the product capacity may vary.

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