Colloid mill for cocoa paste, chocolate and chocolate butter

Chocolate, cocoa-paste and chocolate butter consist of mixed butter and pulverized cocoa beans, but they all come in different proportions for each product. However, the general principle is the same. The GlobeCore mill is ideal for the process.

The colloid mill mixes cocoa powder or cocoa mass, sugar powder, powder milk, vanillin, thickener, ground nuts (as per the recipe) and fat into a homogeneous mass. The grinding fineness for the emulsion is 20 – 25 micron for cocoa paste, 30 micron for chocolate and 15 – 25 micron for chocolate butter.


This is not out stock equipment, so it is custom manufactured from food grade stainless steel. Manufacturing time for custom orders is 45 to 60 business days.

The equipment is ready for operation from the moment of delivery after installation into the existing production line; it can also be used as a standalone application. 


CLM – 4 Homogeniser

CLM – 22 Homogeniser, emulsifying machine

The manufacturing facilities of GlobeCore are located in Germany, in Oldenburg-Eversten, Edewechter Landstraße 173. For any questions regarding the mill and its operation, call us.

If you find this information interesting, you are most probably:

  • A company owner or general manager, who is interested in quality production and fast sales of the product, because food products have a limited shelf life.
  • A process engineer, developing recipe and observing compliance. You understand that wet grinding colloid mill will optimize production and technology.
  • Working in material department, and your main objective is to find the correct equipment required by your company in the market of equipment and services. Your most important task is to make the process and production departments’ operation optimal.

In a few simple steps you will be able to place the order for the colloid mill:

  • Fill out the questionnaire
  • Call us so that we can review the questionnaire together.
  • We will suggest options and pricing and will advise you on lead time.
  • We produce, ship and commission the device on your location.

So, we are ready to build a colloid mill according to your order. We suggest you fill out the questionnaire, so that our professionals can advise you and help you select the appropriate model and options and will walk you through the ordering process. From there, our production staff will manufacture the model ordered. At this time, since it takes the most time of the entire process, we invite you to visit the production facility and see how your equipment, as well as many other products, are made. Once the device has been manufactured, it undergoes rigorous testing at the company’s test site, then it is shipped and transported to the client. We can also assist with installation and commissioning of the device on your location.

The main advantages of the wet grinding GlobeCore homogenizers are:

  • Modern design and high quality of the device
  • Competitive price
  • Competent engineering consulting
  • Fast production of the order
  • The efficiency and speed of mixing at times more than a turbine agitator
  • Savings on storage capacity compared with a turbine agitator – colloid mill built into a production line and does not require additional tanks
  • Stability of the mix to stratification
  • Heating/cooling jacket
  • High-tech production lines and qualified staff (over 200) allows to expedite orders           
  • Ability to adjust the gap of the grinding zone without the need to remove the device from the production line
  • Grinding to 1 micron
  • Component parts from universally recognized manufacturers
  • Operating temperature range from -30 С° to 180 С°
  • Optional soundproofing

The CLM colloid mill is specifically designed for production of highly stable colloidal solutions, superfine suspensions, blends and emulsions. The mill features wet grinding due to the gap between rotor and stator cones.

The centrifugal force and high velocity of the rotor relative to the stator cause the liquid and semi-liquid materials to become homogenic and disperse finely. The mix of any materials becomes a finely dispersed homogeneous emulsion.

Besides, the device features cavitation effect: caverns explode under internal pressure.

The degree of dispersion and pumping qualities may vary according to mechanical properties of the ground material and carrier phase.
No PARAMETER CLM – 22.2 CLM – 18.1 CLM – 4.1 CLM – 05.3
1 ***Capacity rated, m³/hour, up to. 22 18 4 1,8
2 Operating pressure, bar. 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5
3 Rotation speed, RPM 3 000 3 000 3 000 3 000
4 **Max heat carrier temperature, °C 160 160 160 160
5 **Minimum coolant  temperature, °C -4 -4 -4 -4
6 Dispersion, micron <50 <50 <50 <50
7 Nominal pressure/suction bore diameter, mm 80/120 80/80 32/65 32/32
8 Drive power, kW 55 11 5,5 3
9 *Dimensions, mm- length – width – height 1440 430 650 1000 400 460 960 310 400 960 310 400
10 Weight, kg 490 135 125 125
Note. * – Dimensions are driven assembly. ** – If necessary, the product can be either heated or cooled to a desired temperature. *** – Depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the product capacity may vary.

 Feedback of GlobeCore’s customers


Mr. Shekanabo, the United Republic of Tanzania:

“I can only say good things about GlobeCore mills. After seeing the production facility, I had no doubts that this is a serious and reliable company with professional staff, and the system works like a clock. Of course, the production itself seems complicated, but the equipment is powerful and rugged.”


Your product manager at GlobeCore:


Sergey Mezhievskiy A responsible and dedicated person. He will accompany you through all stages from placing the order to shipment of the product. Experience in industrial sales and in finding solutions for real issues in the field allows him to fully understand you, select the appropriate equipment model and ensure timely delivery.

Skype: mezhievskiy


Our location:

The production facility is located in Oldenburg-Eversten, Germany, Edewechter Landstraße 173.

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