Ultrasonic Homogenizer for Production of Sour Milk Products

Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Balanced nutrition is impossible without fermented dairy products. They are especially important for the elderly people and for recovering patients. Dairy products improves metabolism and digestion.

One of the most important stages of making sour milk products is the mechanical processing of the raw materials in the process of homogenization. The main purpose of this process is to prevent separation of fat for better product quality. Homogenization improves consistency and taste, digestion of the product by the human body and allows to fully utilize all vitamins and other nutrients.

At present stage, dispersion of milk is performed by rotary and valve homogenizers, as well as devices based on electrohydraulic and ultrasonic processes.

An ultrasonic homogenizer is an electrical, mechanical and hydrodynamic device, designed to create sonic and ultrasonic waves in the processed medium. The best known device of this type is the so called hydrodynamic whistle. In this device, the liquid flows through an area of maximum ultrasonic influence, created by the flow itself. The flow is divided into many smaller jets, which intertwine and create intensive turbulence and high frequency waves.

In practice, the ultrasonic method of emulsification has shown high efficiency. The process can achieve emulsification up to 95%, with particle size as low as 0.1 – 0.5 micron. The emulsion demonstrates high stability in long term storage.

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