Food homogenizer

Food homogenizer

GlobeCore homogenizers are widely used in food industry. They offer efficiency, reliability as well as easy maintenance and adjustment, and the ability to quickly integrate into existing production lines at affordable price.

GlobeCore homogenizers are designed for making homogeneous multicomponent mixtures by crushing dispersed phase into particles 1 micron size and by mixing of the components. Mixing and blending of solids in a device occurs with the help of intensive turbulence and cavitation processes in the space between a stator and a rotating rotor fitted with numerous protrusions with complex geometric microrelief. The finished product is an emulsion (liquid in liquid) or a fine suspension with a solid content volume up to 6%. Milling quality is adjusted by changing the gap between the rotor and the stator and by selecting the number of processing cycles.

In food industry GlobeCore equipment is used for processing dairy products, fats, starches, production of mayonnaise, fruit purees, jams, juices, concentrates, flavorings and other products. The product is a highly dispersed emulsion from viscous liquid food products that has a completely stable structure and is uniform in taste, color and consistency. During transportation and storage, such emulsions do not separate and do not settle, and fully preserve the original organoleptic properties and appetizing appearance.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness of GlobeCore homogenizers in the dairy, oil and fat, confectionery and canned food industries are due to:

  • improve quality of food products;
  • extend shelf life of prepared products;
  • decreased amount of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other additives required.

GlobeCore equipment and its components are made from high quality materials and meet all hygienic and sanitary requirements of the food industry.

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