GlоbeCоre Begins to Manufacture New Equipment for Peanut Butter Production

In the first quarter of this year, GlоbeCоre announced the start of the production of new lines for peanut butter preparation.

More than 4 million tons of peanut butter are produced in the world annually because of its high demand in the cooking and baking industries, cosmetology, confectionary and pharmaceutical industries.  The xport and consumption of this product however, differs considerably in different countries due to the peculiarities of the different production techniques used in each country.  For example, even a slight temperature deviation from the set value during the nut meat processing can lead to the loss of valuable raw materials.  Shortcomings of the preliminary preparation process can lead to the bitterness of the finished product.

Not all businesses have equipment that can meet all the production requirements needed in order to produce a high quality and a cost competitive  peanut butter.  With this in mind, GlоbeCоre has developed a new line for the production of peanut and other pourable food products.  This new equipment line includes units for raw material grinding (colloid mill), powder drying (drying cabinet), metering and blending with additional components (blending machines).  These lines are fully automated and energy efficient.  They provide for high quality peanut butter production in accordance with the original formula.

In today’s competitive food market, a colloid mill is the most effective device for grinding and preparation of dispersed systems.  It can simultaneously disperse, homogenize and grind the source material down to the size of five (5) micron particles.

The blending system operates according to the principle of hydrodynamic impact that causes a cavitation effect to achieve the desired results.  The main advantage of such equipment is the possibility to blend in one pass up to 5 liquid additives as well as the peanut powder.  The final product possesses stable taste qualities, is transportable and can be stored.

обновлено: August 12, 2015 автором: globecore