Modified Bitumen Production Units


The application of polymers makes original bitumen available for application under unfavourable climatic conditions and heavy loads.  Often, the so-called SBS-polymers (styrene-butadiene-styrene) are used for bitumen modification.  By its nature, they are caoutchouc (rubber).  Interacting with bitumen, SBS-polymers increase their flexibility, elasticity and strength.   Such polymers reduce the binder’s sensitivity to extreme temperatures and allows for significant improvement of its performance characteristics compared with unmodified bitumen.

The compatibility of bitumen and polymers is essential to obtain a high-quality final product.  In such a case, the polymer is able to absorb oil components of the binder, preserving the network structure.  Due to the modification process, bitumen is turned into an elastomer that possesses better elasticity.

Practice shows that modification of bitumen improves its performance characteristics between 10 and 20 times.  It is desirable to use special equipment to reach such results.

GlobeCore units designated as UVB-2 produce the modified bitumen necessary to make asphalt-concrete layers,  treat road surfaces, make sealing mastics and create roofing materials.

GlobeCore technology produces bitumen with highly desired physicochemical performance characteristics that fully comply with the rules and regulations of the road construction industry.

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