Program for Building Companies: Units for Bitumen Heating

Oil bitumen serves as an adhesive material while treating roadways.

The long or short term storage of bitumen is complcated by the fact that this substance sets quickly and partially loses its desirable physical and chemical properties.  As a result, the material becomes unfit for use and the ability to pump it and transport it are no longer feasible.

From a technological point of view therefore, bitumen should be used only when it is low in viscosity.  Additionally, it is recommended to use special equipment for storing and warming up bitumen.

This recommendation is considered to be an integral part of handling facility operations. It addresses a wide range of primary tasks that include: (1) simplifying the process of transferring the product from a bitumen storage tank to a supply tank and then to an asphalt blending plant; (2)  reducing the load on the pumping equipment in order to extend its service life and to protect it from damage; (3) reducing the total time of handling facility operations; (4) preserving the physical and chemical performance characteristics of the bitumen; and (5) emptying the bitumen from the tank without the bitumen losing its performance qualities and characteristics.

GlоbeCоre is a well-known company that is in the business of developing and implementing new kinds of equipment for the market such as bitumen boilers and bitumen storage tanks.

The GlоbeCоre branded boilers (equipment to heat up bitumen) are used by building companies all over the world.

GlobeCore equipment provides for the heating of bitumen up to 180ºC/356ºF without using steam heating equipment.  The heating of the bitumen is performed by a liquid fuel burner.  The boiler is insulated in order to eliminate heat loss.  The boiler is also equipped with a plate and input and output pipes.  The exterior sheathing is made of a stainless steel sheet for added protection.

GlоbeCоre branded equipment for heating bitumen allows for a reduction in energy consumption and for optimizing the amount of bitumen produced.

The GlobeCore technology for heating bitumen is easy-to-use and does not require regular servicing.  Additionally, it makes the production process environmentally friendly and reduces overall labor costs.

All bitumen equipment manufactured by GlobeCore is specifically designed to meet the individual customer’s order and needs.  The GlobeCore brand has taken a leading position in the market owing to high performance in the heating of bitumen, continuous operation of its units, and absence of customer complaints.

Some of the main advantages of using GlobeCore equipment for heating bitumen are as follows: (1) the environment is protected from discharge of pollutants; (2) a high reliability and consistency provided by automatic temperature control and flow stages; and (3) uniform heating and discharge of bitumen.

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