Water Based Bitumen Emulsion in Cold Cast Mix for the Thin Coating Device

Cold asphalt mixes include gravel, crushed sand, cement, water, decay controller and bitumen emulsion.  Typically it is used for worn layers of asphalt and concrete coatings with a thickness of between 10 and 15 mm.

In this case, one may use special combines which have a dual function as a paver and as an asphalt plant.  For paving cold cast asphalt, the following equipment is needed:

Tanks for the storage of finished mineral parts, emulsion, aqueous phase and cement;

  • drive motor;
  • mineral materials dispenser;
  • speed controller;
  • hydraulic mixer; and
  • a control unit.

The main feature of this process can be regarded as a quick breakdown of cationic emulsions.  It essentially means you can quickly form a layer and open the road to traffic within 20-60 minutes after completing the application.  Cold cast asphalt mixtures can also be for repairing potholes and ruts.

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